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Peter W. Smith is a post-doctor at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Its main research themes are morphology and syntax and have been particularly concerned with the presentation of grammatical characteristics and the mechanics of conformity. His work has been published in, among others, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Journal of Linguistics, Morphology and Glossa. Johannes Mursell is a doctoral student at Goethe University in Frankfurt. His research focuses on the syntactic interaction of information structure and adequacy. Agreement is a pervasive phenomenon in all natural languages. Depending on the definition of what an agreement is, it is either found in virtually every natural language we know, or at least in many languages. One way or another, it seems to be a central element of the system that supports our syntactic knowledge. Since the introduction of the Agree operation in Chomsky (2000), the concordance phenomena and the mechanism behind the agreement have attracted a great deal of attention in the minimalist literature and have received various theoretical treatments at different stages.

Since then, many phenomena have been taken into account, involving dependencies between elements of syntax, including movement or not, for the use of Agree. The Agree mechanism thus provides a powerful tool for modeling dependencies between syntactic elements far beyond the φ functionality agreement. The articles gathered in this volume continue to study these topics and contribute to the ongoing debates around an agreement. The authors gathered in this book are internationally renowned experts in the field of agreement. В нашем крупнейшем в мире магазине представлены электронные книги, которые можно читать в браузере, на планшетном ПК, телефоне или специальном устройстве. . . . Katharina Hartmann is a professor at Goethe University in Frankfurt. Its research priorities are syntax and information structure.

She has published several books on these topics and has published various articles in Natural Language – Linguistic Theory, The Linguistic Review, Glossa and Studia Linguistica.

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