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Foundation for Constitutional Rights. “The foundations of our constitution: the Mayflower Pact.” (2002). Foundation for Constitutional Rights. www.crf-usa.org/Foundation_docs/Foundation_lesson_mayflower.html. Thus the British took into account the details of the agreement: the Mayflower Compact was designed and signed aboard the Mayflower on 21 November 1620. The “Federation of Plantations”, which was interfering in a separatist federation of the Church, was a document that established a “civil body policy” (a transitional government) until one could be established in a more sustainable way (ibid.). The agreement established the principles of an autonomous body that is not completely separated from the King of England. The Mayflower Compact pursued the idea of the law that was made by and for people. This idea is at the heart of democracy and has played a major role in the creation of a new democratic nation (Constitutional Rights Foundation 2002). Mourt`s relationship is also known because it is the first preserved source of the text of the Mayflower Compact, the agreement that the settlers entered into New Plymouth to form a new civil political authority as they set out to build a community in America. The Mayflower Compact celebrates its 400th anniversary in 2020.

Look for more news and blog posts on the American self-management tradition here on In Custodia Legis in the coming months. After a 65-day sea voyage, pilgrims saw Cape Cod on November 19, 1620. As they were unable to reach the originally agreed country, they bittered on November 21 at Provincetown (Collins) Square. Many boasted that “no one had the power to command them” and openly proclaimed that “if they came ashore, they would use their own freedom, because no one had the power to command them, the patent they had for Virginia, not for New England, which belonged to another government with which the Virginia Company had nothing to do” (Cline 2003). Differences of opinion on governance issues led to the development of the pact. In this context, they pledged to put in place a temporary set of rules for self-decision, in accordance with the majority agreement. 5. Take a final vote. Decide whether the pact`s approval should be approved unanimously, with a two-thirds majority or a simple majority.

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