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Despite the disagreements about Y, I agree with Z that… I agree that Y, but we also have to take into account the fact that… The evidence I have seen suggests something else. Useful conversations can make learning more personal, immediate and emotional. There are many popular strategies for this type of conversation, each with unique rules and applications. These include socratic conferences, accounting conferences, debates and literary circles. Whatever strategy you use, students need help. . Note: If you find this useful, you can buy a similar version of these rods, available in the classroom, on printable maps. If you have useful conversation strains, let us know in the comments so we can update the list! It is sometimes argued that these kinds of conversations favour students who express themselves verbally with confidence, and that is difficult to argue. But remember that academic writing favors gifted writers, traditional tests prefer those who are comfortable with proof of what they know, learning through technology favors students with a more diverse history of using technology, and so on.

And everyone can take advantage of scaffolding so that students have different levels of support — perhaps unique index card levels with easier-to-use or more natural rods — to succeed at a certain level. Some of them are a fact, but some of them are also of the opinion. If we change X`s position a little, we can see that… The author`s assertion that Z is interesting because… . 26 set of rods for the top level conversation in the classroom The evidence of Z is overwhelming, given that….

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