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“Tetra is poised for a strong future and is clearly formed into a biopharmaceutical company of Rx products based on the discovery and development of cannabinoids,” says Dr. Guy Chamberland, CEO and CRO. OTTAWA, February 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tetra Bio-Pharma. (“Tetra” or “the company”) (TSX-V: TBP) (OTCQB: TBPMF), a leading provider of cannabinoids, depreciated drugs, is pleased to announce that it has signed a clear agreement with MAKScientific on co-development. This agreement allows Tetra to access new patented molecules with CB1 and CB2 agonist or antagonistic properties. In the long term, this agreement will ensure the introduction of new patented pharmaceutical products for Tetra, which can develop after Caumz and QIXLEEF have obtained marketing approval. Through Tetra Bio-Pharma Tetra Bio-Pharma (TSX-V:TBP) (OTCQB:TBP) is a licensed biopharmaceutical leader in the discovery and development of cannabinoid-based drugs with Health Canada, and the FDA has reviewed a clinical program to bring new prescription drugs and treatments to patients and their health care providers. The company has several subsidiaries involved in the development of an advanced and growing pipeline of biopharmaceil products, natural medicine and veterinary drugs containing cannabis and other herbal medicines. Since patients are at the heart of our actions, Tetra Bio-Pharma focuses on providing rigorous scientific validation and safety data, required by regulators, doctors and insurance companies to be included in the existing biopharmaceutical industry. Chapter 1 – IntroductionChapitre 2 – Trends in co-development-dealmaking2.1. Introduction2.2. Definition of co-development agreements2.3. Success factors for co-development agreements2.4.

When co-development can be useful2.5. Attributs de Co-Development-Deals2.6. Orient partners to make co-development work2.7. Trends in co-development agreements since 20142.7.1. Co-Development-Dealmaking per year, 2014-20192.7.2. Co-Development-Dealmaking after development phase, 2014-20192.7.3. Co-Development-Dealmaking by branch, 2014-20192.7.4. Co-Development Dealmaking by Processing Branch, 2014-20192.7.5.

Co-development-dealmaking by technology type, 2014-20192.7.6. Co-Development-Dealmaking by the most active company, 2014-20192.8. Possibility of development2.9. The future of co-development agreementsChapitre 3 – Overview of the structure of co-development agreements3.1. Introduction3.2. Pure versus Multi-component co-development deals3.3. Structure of pure co-development agreements3.3.1. Example of co-development agreements3.3.1.a.

Case Study 1: Ambrx – Zhejiang Medicine3.3.1.b. Case Study 2: UniQure – ChiesiChapter 4 – Leading Co-development deals4.1. Introduction4.2. Top Co-Development Deals by ValueChapitre 5 – Top 25 Most Active Co-Development Dealmakers5.1. Introduction5.2. Top 25 most active co-development dealmakersChapitre 6 – Co-Development Deal Term financials6.1. Introduction6.2. Co-Development Partnering Headline 6.3.

Co-development agreement Advances6.4. Co-development of the payment agreement step by step6.5. Co-development feesChapt 7 – Co-development agreements, including the list of contracts7.1. Introduction7.2. Co-development contracts with contracts from 2014 to 2019Annexe 1 – Dealmaking co-development by company A-ZAppendix 2 – Dealmaking co-development by branch of activity Appendix 3 – Co-Development-Dealmaking by stage of development Appendix 4 – Dealmaking co-development by therapeutic branchAnnui 5 – Co-Development-Dealking by technology companies mentioned by Confluence Pharmaceuticals and AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG, they recently announced that they had signed a final agreement on the co-development and market of confluence`s leader , a product intended to treat fragile X syndrome in Europe and the Middle East. Confluence is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of therapeutic treatments for fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders.

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