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Teachers always agree to set standards in a classroom. Teaching students to be self-discipline and to learn respect is to become a science student. Having class contracts can make a class extremely large. Class agreements can lead everyone to act and think like their instructor. The ten pathways you have created for Ms. Sackson are very important for an educational process. You mentioned that you need to spend time before you consolidate your beliefs about learning. It was very important for someone who takes his time before rushing to do his job. I think class agreements are acceptable to the self-motivated learner, but they are a challenge for those who are not. […] Time, but it is a delicate and important process in our attempt to understand each other.

This blog, from the IB website, is a great resource for those who are interested in formulating essential agreements […] I`m new to the application and the PYP. I am only 4 years old. But I see too many teachers (maybe even myself!) who give words in the air to the idea of the agreement, the idea that students are actively involved in the construction of such agreements. If we creatively creativity our students to find the chords that our class must have. It is difficult for us to let go of control and guide students to their promises, not ours. Sometimes I feel the same way on the exam. Yes, the survey is often structured and must be structured, but do we “make” requests about what students are interested in, or do we simply find less obvious ways to get them to where we have already decided they should be? These two subjects were hard in mind when the school year starts where I am… I am so impressed with the way you have pushed your students to think beyond the rules.

Faced with the good lead, the students have the deepest ideas. Reading the essential chord was such a pleasure, children have a very unique way of expressing the world in their own way. This is one of the best I have read so far on discussion and creating an essential agreement. Teachers and students are sometimes so “accustomed” to creating them, but they have not understood why they did it. The best thing would be to leave the value to the class. It`s a great contribution! […] A key agreement has been reached in our classroom. He focused on two areas: how we deal with each other and how we […] In a PYP school, each working group (teachers or students) begins to create an “essential agreement.” In the classroom, this means that it is not a teacher who imposes rules, but that everyone works together to find an agreement on how the class will work. Search for Google images for “class rules” and “class chords” (or “essential chords,” as they are called in the PYP) and see if anything surprises you… What I noticed is that despite the title, many class agreements are still lists of rules. At first I was a little confused, but I had to smile. When I said it was not the rules, but essential agreements, I realized that they were the same for him.

After our class discussion on our essential agreement, a boy raised his hand. “Where are the rules? If it is an essential agreement, should it not say what we can and cannot do?┬áToday, Jocelyn and I developed our class agreement. We started asking the children to think carefully and then write down what helps them learn and what hinders their learning. Later, we brought back a list of all the things they had written, and as a group, the students highlighted those they considered to be an essential class agreement that would maximize learning for all. This will be compiled, another time, to make sure everyone agrees and then we will have our class meal agreement! The advantage of essential agreements is to create a culture of community learning, determined by the learners of this community.

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