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Labour Market Development Agreements (LMDA) are bilateral agreements with each province and territory to design and make available employment programs, similar to the employment and support measures outlined in Part II of the Employment Insurance Act. LMDAs help unemployed Canadians find jobs quickly and return to work. They also provide a skilled workforce that meets the current and emerging needs of employers. 2.1 Section 7 of the DESDA gives the Minister the power to develop and implement programs to support projects or other activities that contribute to the development of Canada`s human resources and the capabilities of Canadians, and to provide grants and contributions to support these programs. 51. This agreement, including the annexes, covers the entire agreement reached by the parties with respect to the purpose of this agreement. 2. An amendment to one of the annexes of this agreement may be made by the written agreement of the designated officials of the contracting parties. 39. This agreement replaces the Canada-B.C.

agreement and the Canada-British Columbia labour market agreement for persons with disabilities on the effective date. On that day, these agreements will be terminated. Every Canadian deserves a fair and equal chance to succeed in the workforce. Through smart investments like the provincial agreements announced today, we can strengthen our middle class and help more hard-working people to join. These agreements represent an increase of $2.7 billion over this period over previous funding levels. This increase means that an estimated 730,000 workers will benefit more over the past six years. In Budget 2017, Canada announced a commitment to make these labour market transfer agreements simpler and more flexible by consolidating them into new labour development agreements. In the area of the Employment Development Agreement (WDA), the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training consulted on ways to reconfigure their programming, taking into account the additional flexibility and resources currently available through the WDA. British Columbia received $114 million in federal funding each year through the WDA, a slight increase in 2013/14 endowments to BC under the three previous labour market transfer agreements. The LMDA is the largest agreement and provides core funding to the province to operate its network of investment centres.

The new agreement increased federal funding by $33 million per year, leading to a total allocation of LMDA to BC in 2018/19 of approximately US$310,000,000.

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