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f. after updating the list of eligible voters in accordance with 26.5.2, establish and publish a definitive list of eligible voters for each vote; 26.8.2 Before it comes into force, the chief negotiators of the contracting parties may agree to correct any drafting, grammar or typography errors identified in this Agreement and corrections may be added to the final pressure of this Agreement after it comes into force. 3. The Minister in charge of administering the Financial Management Act is authorized to enter into the agreement in sections 21.6.1 and 21.6.2 of Chapter 21 of the Yale First Nation Final Agreement or an agreement amending the tax treatment agreement, and may sign the agreement or amend the agreement before or after being approved by the Deputy Governor of the Council. The new Lheidli-T`enneh contract was signed in May 2018. The parties signed the contract for the first time in October 2006. LtFN reached a ratification agreement in March 2007 and members voted against the adoption of the agreement. Since then, the parties have updated the treaty to add new language that allows for changes to the agreement as a result of the development of provincial and federal policies important to Aboriginal peoples. 3. The agreement is a treaty and a fetal claim agreement within the meaning of Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution Act 1982. 25.6.1 Yale First Nation and Canada will establish the Appeal Enrolment Board on a date agreed upon by the contracting parties. 26.5.3 In order to improve security, the ratification committee may proceed with votes on the ratification of the Yale First Nation Constitution and the agreement on separate dates.

In the Yukon, the final Umbrella Agreement (UFA) between the Government of Canada, the Yukon Indian Council and the Yukon government has been in effect since May 29, 1993. The UFA was created as a framework agreement for the negotiation of final agreements with Yukon First Nations. Of the 14 Yukon First Nations, three remain without modern land agreements and three others have unexplained claims that extend to northern British Columbia. A separate harvesting agreement from the final agreement provides for Yale First Nation to license commercial fishing licences for sockeye and pink salmon. The duration of the harvest agreement is twenty-five years; it can be renewed by Yale First Nation every 15 years. The harvest agreement contains provisions for compensation for Yale First Nation if the agreement is denounced by the Crown. d. at least 30 days before the first day of voting, a list of voters entitled to vote, based on the registration register submitted by the registration committee in accordance with point 25.5.3, and published, establishing whether each person has the right to vote in the register at point 26.4.1b; and the failure of a final agreement has brought down not only those who wanted to protect the rights of Aboriginal people through treaties, but also those who hoped that a treaty would reach part of B.C with land security.

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