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3.03 Union members employed by the Company select, for each shop or position, a committee consisting of a committee called the Shop Steward Committee and recognized by the Company.3.04 A Shop Steward participates in any disciplinary meeting and/or investigative meeting that may give rise to disciplinary action against any member of the bargaining unit. ARTICLE IV – UNION SAFETY4.01 The company accepts: that any worker who is a member of the Union at the time of this agreement or any worker who becomes a member of the Union for the duration of this agreement, as a condition for maintaining employment, for membership in good condition.4.02 The company accepts that, if it needs additional assistance, it must refer the matter to the Union office and give it an appropriate opportunity to supply a skilled worker capable of providing a skilled worker. If the Union is unable to make such a worker (s) available within a reasonable time, the company is free to recruit the workers of its choice. By mutual agreement that is not unduly accepted, the company may request a load hand formed by Vancouver Shipyards Co. Ltd. (Panamax site) and which has previously demonstrated monitoring experience for the proposed project or work. (see letter of agreement: Manpower Dispatch, Local 506).4.03 All new, substitute and/or casual workers as a precondition for continued employment, EU request within 30 days, in accordance with the Constitution and the eu`s constituent articles.4.04 The Union may, at its sole discretion, waive the application for membership, provided that the casual worker is a member of the Union recognised by the Union signatory to this agreement.4.05 It is also agreed and understood that all workers will sign as a condition of the maintenance of employment an authorisation to deduct union dues from their wages. When this authorization is signed, the new workers also authorize entry or reintroduction fees by deduction of wages, which are set from time to time by the Union for their members, in accordance with its Constitution, and/or until the 3rd NOW THEREFORE this agreement attests that, In light of the following commitments and mutual agreements and agreements, the parties agree as follows:ARTICLE I – RECOGNITION1.01 The company recognizes the Union as the sole bargaining agency for its employees who, in accordance with the B.C. Labour Relations Act, is properly certified for collective bargaining with respect to wages, working hours and all other working conditions. Wages and classifications must be attached as an appendix and are an integral part of this agreement. ARTICLE II – MANAGEMENT RIGHTS2.01 The entire management of the company and the management of the workforce are exclusively entrusted to society and the Union must not in any way infringe these rights.in2.02 No staff member is dismissed for free reasons.

ARTICLE III – UNION REPRESENTATIVES3.01 Union representatives are placed on a list approved in advance by management so that they have timely access to the company`s stores or shipyards. Participation will take place, as far as possible, at least disruptive hours (i.e. coffee and lunch breaks) provided that legitimate workers are not required to neglect their work and follow company safety protocols while on site.3.02 No shop steward, a member of the security committee or a member of the security committee is discriminated against or threatened with seniority or loss of employment as a result of an affiliation or activity in the Union.

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