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As a general rule, this should prevent the origin or new owner from marketing a tenant by means other than official channels. However, while the lease is maintained, there are still a few obligations that the new owner should fulfill. If you want to rent a house or apartment in England or Wales to a business, this legally binding lease is all you need to get it in writing. Even if a “business lease” is used, the landowner may be able to become the owner of the business tenant (under an AST) at the end of the lease with the company, in accordance with the s18 provisions of the Housing Act 1988. Once the property has been transferred, to avoid confusion or doubt, you can officially inform your tenant that the rent is now due to the business and not to you personally. You should also deposit a tenant security deposit. The good news here is that, since it`s not an AST, you don`t need to protect it in a rental deposit system, since the rental deposit rules only apply to ASTs. Your company rents out all important issues, including: Unsecured leases work in a certain way in a significant way other than secure short-term rents. For example, the security deposit should not be protected in a national system, withdrawal usually begins with a termination instead of a section 21 or section 8 notification, and the prohibition on rental fees does not apply to this type of rental housing. But next time, I would probably ask for a uk owner guarantee for a business that is leased — we just had a larger deposit than the normal deposit, but a deposit would have been better.

I do not know what you will do if all the directors are established outside the UK. This means that “corporate rents” (as they are called) are subject to the underlying “common law” and the legal provisions that govern tenancy contracts prior to the Rent and Housing Act, in order to amend them. You should also be aware that sometimes someone will try to rent a home through their business, because they would not pass the normal referencing.

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