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Don Miguel Ruiz`s four chords; Animated Book Summary I loved this audiobook. It has a huge impact on my relationship with my spouse, my children and so much of my community. It gave me an enthusiasm for life and happiness. Every word and thought written in this book is a blessing. My best advice is to take the opportunity to read it and trust when this book came to you, that`s for a reason. This is because your inner voice or God (no matter what you believe) want to live a life full of love, happiness and understanding of all humanity. Thanks to Don Miguelito and Peter 🙂 I read this and I fully understand the points he was trying to make. It is a little more sustained when you read the voice of knowledge. We learn everything as we grow up, part of what we learn is not positive.

Many of us had parents who were young or who had themselves been abused, and we learn their “faith habits” habits and patterns as we learn to count, talk, read, etc. Before the age of three, we do not know anger. We repeat the actions of our facilitators and our authority persons as children to obtain love, comfort and emotional support from them. We repeat their model because it makes them love and makes us grateful for their behavior. On the other hand, what we did could have been interpreted as “false” and we could be punished. Perhaps this punishment was severe or unfair and gave us an emotional memory of pain and fear. The repetition of similar anxieties makes this reaction a “behavioural pattern. As a child who wants love, you will make more effort not to upset this janitor and probably repeat the action that the enemy punishment has provoked to “fix” it. The result will be similar. These beliefs could begin as a fear when presented with emotional memories and repeated traumas, that fear eventually becomes anger, hostility, hatred, resentment, and that we learn to reactivate the proposition. Where did the love go? You can no longer learn these patterns.

You can see what caused the emotion, change the way you perceive it and get another emotional reaction result for future episodes. At some point, you perceive it and you repel the result. Perhaps you can even go back and forgive your parents, even if they were offensive, because they knew nothing else, because they had learned something as behaviors. It`s like changing the past when you can see everything and feel different. It may take a search for soul to find love in there, to heal oneself. I discovered that people with different levels of education, especially spirituality, read the volumes “otherwise.” I read the book and I felt good, maybe a little irritated by chapter one, and that might represent a belief I still have to work on. Someone to whom I recommended that the volume that had been abused as a child was in tears across the same chapter. This reaction could indicate a self-improvement area. I would suggest practicing the methods, then rereading the book and seeing how it makes you feel.

I read a review that contains a mention of PSY 101. Think about the ABCs and how you were able to react to a particular situation before applying that concept, and then start again after you changed your faith.

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