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6. set the deadline for filing construction applications, including building permit applications, for each phase; (1) A development agreement must define development standards and other provisions that apply to the development, use and mitigation of the development of the property during the duration set by the agreement and promote the development of the property. C. Restrictions. Any provision in the development contract obliging the city to waive: (1) the adoption of development rules concerning the land defined in the agreement; and/or (2) to allow the installation time beyond the time limits applicable for a gradual evolution; five years. The development agreement also reserves the power to adopt new or different provisions over the life of the development agreement to the extent that it is necessary to pose a serious threat to public health and safety. In this reservation, it should be made clear that the city may, without taking responsibility, take action that would otherwise constitute an offence if the city accepted factual findings, in order to support a finding that the measure is necessary to avoid a serious threat to public health and safety, or where the measure is required by federal or national law. Adopted in 1995, the Local Project Review Act (Chapter 36.70B RCW) provides for specific authority and direction for development agreements. See RCW 36.70B.170 – .210 and WAC 365-196-845. A. Applications for project approval. The publication of a development agreement on an underlying project approval application is carried out in accordance with the EMC 18.40.190 project development agreement. a.

A project development agreement deals with a specific development proposal. A proposal is defined by a detailed location design, identifying specific uses and activities. The level of detail must be such that the project can be reviewed to determine the appropriate level of mitigation of transportation, rainwater and critical areas. We facilitate and coordinate the approval process for the development proposal by working closely with key regulators and ensuring that significant government approvals have been obtained.

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