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On the Price tab of the agreement, make sure that the price list type is the agreed price list. You can only set up price breaks for an agreed price list. 3. Enter for the position of the agreement (if necessary) the values for customer items, address, address category, product value, product description and UOM, primary UOM and line type. 4. Select price break head as the line type. The type of price break is the point, which means that the pricing machine calculates each unit of volume at the price of the interruption within which the total quantity is located.5. Select the single price as the method of application.6. Enter the UOM interrupt.7.

Enter the actual start and end date. 9) Select the type of price list – Default price list or convention Price list 10) Select carrier and carrier Conditions 2. Enter a contract number. A coherent and relevant naming convention should be considered and commercial practices should be put in place. This field is optional. Enter a revision number. The revision number defaults to 1 at the time of configuration. Additional versions of the same agreement can be maintained by updating the revision number for each new revision. My thought is that in normal, OK I can`t explain what is normal, situations where a price list is used.

The price increase is relatively elegant by %. If you and the client are really negotiating the prices, I would opt for an agreement, as this one clearly has an end date. Check the agreement type to see if you have access to a billing account for a Microsoft customer agreement.

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