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• Select the “Additional Access” tab.• Select “Access additional service contracts”.• Enter the service contract number(s) in the box provided for this purpose and click on the “Send” button.• You will receive an email notification that the service contracts have been concluded. Service contracts can take up to 6 hours to be awarded. A: Your profile is not automatically updated to enable support access if a service contract is renewed after your support access has been changed. The renewed service contract must be added to your profile again in order to restore your support access. 2. Enter up to 20 serial numbers separated by a comma or space in the field provided and click the Verify button. You can request that additional service agreements be added to your profile by going to the profile manager Cisco.com. If your company has an administrator for the Cisco My Colleagues tool, that person will be automatically notified of your request. In addition, I checked if the serial number was part of the contract. We have made an extension for SNT and I have received from the Disti the SO ID and Number Invoice Note: If you cannot access any of the following links, please contact your Cisco Authorized Partner or Reseller, Your Cisco Customer Manager, or the person at your company who manages the Cisco Service Agreement information. You can request assignment to a service contract by going to the profile manager Cisco.com.

If you would like to set up a direct service agreement with Cisco (or believe you have an agreement, but you are unsure of your service contract number), please contact Cisco Customer Service at (800) 553-NETS (Direct (408) 526-7208. Your Disti should have received the contract number after the contract was set up, so that they can have the number now. Customer reviews and partners with a service contract can use extended features such as additional information (product and coverage) and bulk entry of serial numbers. If you have a contract with Cisco, but don`t know your company`s service contract or partnership agreement number, please contact your sales agent for a service contract or email web-help@cisco.com. Please provide your company name, address location, phone number, email address and other important contact information and request information about the contract or registration number to be used for your Cisco.com registration. In case of renewal of the contract, the contract number remains the same, in case of timely transaction, as in the case of the old contract. Can you share the “old” contract number and we can see if it is still active? Note Supported file formats are only CSV and TXT. XLS is not supported….

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