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www.research.va.gov/programs/tech_transfer/default.cfmwww.research.va.gov/programs/tech_transfer/model_agreements/default.cfm CRADAs Master`s degrees are often implemented by the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (MRMC) and VA. They are used with recurring CRADA collaborators and can contain several SOW annexes, each representing a separate agreement, typically with a DoD or VA Principal Investigator (PI). How does a CRADA MT differ from a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)? A.A. is only intended for use with non-profit or academic beneficiaries. The MTA can only be used if VA is a recipient or hardware provider and no IP rights (e.g. B patent rights) is not transferred. Limited purpose CRADA: transfer of sample material or data for research purposes. If you send or receive materials or data (which are not already covered by another agreement), you must use an MTA or DUA that complies with the legal and policy requirements of the University of Virginia. When such materials are transferred, the buyer undertakes to inform atcc in writing of such transfer within a reasonable time after the transfer, following the instructions available at the following address: www.atcc.org/transfer in order to allow ATCC to maintain a custody chain for such material.

The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities related to the transmission of such materials. Except as expressly provided in this Section, Buyer may not, for any reason, distribute, sell, lend or transfer the biological material to any person other than Buyer`s investigator or to a legal entity that is not involved in this MTA, as defined above. . . .

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