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Below are some frequently asked questions about visas. If you have a question about a visa rule that is not covered below, please contact Visa at [email protected]. Please note that visas change from time to time. If there is a discrepancy between the information contained in those frequently asked questions and the visa rules, the visa rules shall apply. If you encounter a situation that could lead to a violation of visa rules, please fill out an application form and send it. If you have a question about a specific visa transaction that has been booked on your account, you must notify your Visa card issuer with the customer access number on your visa statement or the back of your Visa card for assistance. In general, no. The promise of visa “wherever you want to be” means that you should be able to use your card wherever visa is accepted. An issuer is not allowed to block any trade from a particular location or type of trader. However, some exceptions are allowed, for example. B where local rules require the issuer to block certain transactions or visa has authorised the issuer to temporarily refuse transactions due to a threat of direct fraud.

Note that Visa cards issued in countries that have laws that limit international use are printed on the card with the caption “Valid only in (country)”. Faced with such high fees, processors would typically see a trader`s account and open an investigation to the extent that it indicates that something is wrong with the transactions processed by one of their traders. If the fraud is confirmed or the merchant is injured by other means, his account is immediately terminated. If the merchant`s refund rate is increased but below the current visa limit, it may be allowed to continue accepting card payments, but it is closely monitored. If the merchant`s refund rate remains high in the following months, it is very likely that their account will be terminated, even if Visa`s refund limit has not been reached. As a rule, a merchant is allowed to apply for an identity card, but cannot require it as a prerequisite for accepting the visa card. However, there are exceptions, for example where visa has authorised the trader to require, in certain circumstances, identification for fraud control. In order to protect cardholders and merchants and preserve the integrity of the visa system, we have omitted proprietary and competitive information as well as some details of the network security rules.. . .

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