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Shnvme.com, the registration and billing page of a white label dating site is ShineLoveOnMe.com. I know this site very well, I get a lot of requests. The short name gibberish is used for discreet billing purposes. ShineLoveOnMe is a lower white label dating site. Staffordish Limited. staffordish is a mailbox company in Lefkosia (Nicosia) Cyprus. Navigating the world of internet dating can be an exciting and fun way to meet potential partners. However, you can quickly realize that some things are not as they appear on some websites and profiles. While this is one of the fastest ways for singles to meet and build lasting relationships, there are certainly those who use the sites for dishonest purposes. Since there are different scenarios, what you do next depends on your individual situation.

Click on one of the buttons below and we will continue from there. Some users may find it necessary to request all potential appointments that are 420 friendly or otherwise inclined to participate in recreational drug use. However, profiles that mention medications are most likely coverage for someone in your area who runs a covert sale operation and wants you to be their new customer. In general, a drug dealer on a dating site can correspond with you normally at first, but then quickly bring the conversation to the drugs they sell. This probably includes offers to celebrate with friends, followed by a real shopping list of different varieties or varieties of illegal products and their prices. Just walk away. To find ownership of a website, search for it by domain (URL). I use cqcounter/whois. The domain is makeanaccount.com.

Here`s what I found Some free online dating sites may seem legitimate at first glance, but will reveal their true colors once you`ve been a member for a while. You may receive an offer for a free premium membership or other exclusive benefit in exchange for answering a survey that, unsurprisingly, includes questions similar to those of banking. You must never disclose information that can be used to access private or financial details, regardless of the benefits offered to you. Your “date” will send you a link to Discreet Dating Affirmation. The site is advertised as “free”. The website claims that it will save an appointment for your date and send help if needed. Here`s part of what it says, bad grammar, and all: To protect yourself while using it, you need to educate yourself about what the services offer and don`t offer, various related scams, and always read the fine print. Tinder Safe Dating Scam Spambots ask the user to click on a link to an external website that contains word variants about verification, background check, security, date codes, or protection. However, this information is usually limited to personality details and interests and not financial information or anything that might be useful to someone who wants to steal your identity. A popular scam involves websites that ask you to create a profile specifically for their information. .

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