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Deb is a writer living in Alberta, Canada, on the banks of Ross Creek near Medicine Hat--less than an hour from the Montana border. Her debut novel, THE THIRD GRACE, won The Word Guild (Canadian Christian Writing Awards) 2012 Grace Irwin Award as top book pick of the year. She is working on her next novel, to the cheering on of her kids and husband. She loves making new friends--write her! deb@rolledscroll.com


IT IS COMING! My latest novel, THE RED JOURNAL, will be launched on October 2, 2019, but between now and then you can pre-order the ebook version for only $.99 (in real money). Readers have already been commenting on the story: A remarkable wordsmith, Elkink weaves a vivid portrayal of the quest of two strikingly different women […]

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GRAPEVINE GRAPE BUNCH (acrylic on canvas) by Lorenda Harder My Interview with Author JOHNNIE ALEXANDER  I just read a terrific novel, Where Treasure Hides, and I tracked down author Johnnie Alexander (a fellow Mosaic Collection author) at home in Oklahoma to chat about her life and writing. DEB: Thanks for joining me today, Johnnie. You’ve published quite a few books, […]

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GRAPEVINE GRAPE BUNCH (acrylic on canvas) by Lorenda Harder My Interview with Author STACY MONSON  I’d like to introduce you to award-winning novelist Stacy Monson, who resides in the Twin Cities and is part of Mosaic Collection, the international author’s group I recently joined. Her contemporary, faith-based stories reveal an extraordinary God at work in ordinary […]

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  PERFECT COMMUNION   (Andrei Rublev, 15th century Russia) I love to sew. My latest wardrobe addition is a calf-length street kimono of black burn-out silk velvet brilliant with peacocks and flowers. It is striking, if I say so myself, and garners compliments from all my friends. Not that I made it for their approval; […]

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  VAGABOND COME HOME Mondays at noon hour I took piano lessons. On one particular Monday in 1966, I passed beneath the recently inaugurated Maple Leaf that flapped from the school’s flagpole, and I left behind the playground noise to cross the road and open the gate to the woodland pathway of my music teacher’s […]

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WIN YOUR SIGNED COPY! I can’t believe it’s been five years since my debut novel was published, and to celebrate I’m giving away THREE postage-paid, signed copies (with gold-foil award seal) to readers who most creatively answer (at “Leave a Reply” below) the following question: If you were going to Paris this spring, what would be your first […]

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          RETELLING TIMELESS TRUTHS Maybe it’s because I talk a lot that I feel my words are cheap. They slip out between my flapping lips in copious quantity, some to enter the ears of intended hearers and many to slide into oblivion. Add to this the fact that I myself often […]

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“IF YOU’RE AFRAID OF BUTTER, USE CREAM” I myself could have uttered these famous words attributed to Julia Child, who brought France to the tastebuds of America. Now, Germanic genetics have often been blamed for my own love of high-fat dairy products, but Julia’s quote makes me suspect that untraced Gallic blood might run in my veins. I recently found a […]

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          GIFTS Last week I held a little giveaway on Facebook, awarding this red leather journal to the third person who signed up for my new quarterly email newsletter (see the first edition of that newsletter here) telling about what’s happening in my writing life. This generated a bit of excitement among my friends—a dozen of them […]

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          WET THAW Isn’t this a cool book cover? The art issues from the paintbrush of talented Lorenda Harder and is meant to entice readers, of course. But my little, two-story ebook is so cheap (under a buck U.S.) that I wonder if it will just melt into the massive pool of other cool-looking […]

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