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READ IT ANEW Symbols of the Old, Old Story Reused in Literature When you read a novel or short story, do you sometimes suspect the author is trying to say a whole lot more than the words on the page? I’m no expert by any stretch, either as reader or writer (much less as scholarly […]

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Let’s have a conversation with Aglaia (aka Mary Grace Klassen), main character in the book The Third Grace. She’s a designer at Incognito Costume Shop (rentals for parties, stage, and screen) in Denver, but she grew up in small-town Nebraska and her author (Deb Elkink) has finally allowed her to visit Paris . . . […]

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MY FAVORITE NOOKS AND CRANNIES I’ve been to Paris half-a-dozen times in the last two decades and can’t wait to lose myself again in its ancient, cobbled streets. I used to travel by schedule, but with scores of museums and countless monuments, cafés, shops, and adventures unexpected, I’ve learned that all I really need is […]

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THE LAIRD ESTATE It’s amazing to me how the geographical setting of a novel I’m writing can birth its way into my brain, almost convincing me it actually exists. In The Red Journal (just published last week), a mansion museum is the setting for much of the action. While I was imagining and plotting this aspect, I really needed […]

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